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    Read "The Legion Cato & Macro: Book 10" by Simon Scarrow available from Rakuten Kobo. When the actions of a rebel gladiator in Egypt threaten the stability. Editorial Reviews. Review. Gripping ferocious and compelling, it is a story of blood, romance The Legion (Eagles of the Empire 10): Cato & Macro: Book 10 eBook: Simon Scarrow: Kindle Store. Start by marking “The Legion (Eagle, #10)” as Want to Read: The bestselling author of CENTURION and THE GLADIATOR returns with another action-packed Roman adventure. Rebel gladiator Ajax and his men have been posing as Roman soldiers and attacking naval bases, merchant vessels and.

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    Simon Scarrow The Legion Ebook

    IF YOU DON'T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON'T KNOW ROME! THE LEGION is the action-packed tenth novel in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Eagles of. The Eagle and the Wolves (Eagles of the Empire 4): Roman Legion 4 eBook: Simon Scarrow: Kindle Store. Read more about Simon Scarrow's exciting new series of ebook novellas. Optio Macro of the Second Legion, recently decorated for courage on the battlefield.

    EPUB med Adobe-kryptering. Direct download via magnet link.. Invictus by Simon Scarrow,. Scarrow simon pdf Simon Scarrow is a UK-based author,. Simon Scarrow, Book: Brothers in Blood ,..

    I liked the two hero format and the relationship between them. One the old hand, rock steady and reliable, the other the ambitious over achiever come up through the ranks to prominence in a system where patronage and nepotism are the norm. They are tasked with catching a rebel gladiator whose forces have created chaos around the empire as a rising threatens to challenge the Roman Empire in Egypt.

    That all seems good and plausible. The issue is with the way the act I like Roman historical novels. The issue is with the way the action plays out.

    It all seems a little repetitive. The battle scenes are well depicted, and there is a lot of action as Macro and Cato follow their mission, as Ajax and the Nubian uprising try to thwart the will of the Empire. Why only 3 stars? It was all a bit repetitive.

    There are good reveals and red herrings; there are twists and surprises, and I will certainly try another of the author's Roman Empire novels again. But 3 Stars it is. Feb 01, Michael Arnold rated it it was ok Shelves: I bought this book for 50p, and I finished it very quickly over two afternoons. I've literally just found out it's the tenth book in this series, and I think I might want to start this series from the beginning so I can really get into this.

    It was a very fun read, but it was dumb - very very dumb. And there are some cliches that make it more like a hollywood action film than something literally set in the ancient world. But, as far as entertainment goes, there's worse out there! Sep 10, SEAN rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed this book. It's set in Egypt and once again sets Macro and Cato up against their old foe Ajax. Fast paced with the right balance between narrative and action there's enough here to keep fans old and new happy.

    I've read ten of these in a row and I'm off to start book eleven right now! I struggled to get into this book the first pages or so.

    The battle scenes with the intricate strategy really did it for me and I thought it was great. Sep 07, Eduardo G. May 19, Scott Gardner rated it liked it Shelves: Better than the previous one , our heroes are in Egypt to track down Ajax , and deal with a little war on the way. Aug 29, Jon Belshaw rated it it was amazing. My favourite in the series yet!

    Aug 21, Richard Eyres rated it really liked it Shelves: Another excellent entry into the series, which finally sees the conclusion to the Ajax storyline.

    Onto more adventures. Feb 11, David Smojver rated it it was amazing. Macro reminds me of my old sergeant from the service. The only thing different is the time period. Jul 14, Ben Emery rated it liked it. A little disappointing in all honesty. The usual great quality as is to be expected of Scarrow, but there were parts that jarred with me.

    In particular, one-liners that one could expect from a terrible tv action movie. Despite that, finished it in a matter of days, and look forward as ever to continuing the series. Jun 12, Clark rated it really liked it. In this story -- a sequel to the previous novel, The Gladiator -- they are pursuing the remnants of rebel gladiator Ajax's army.

    The journey leads them to the exotic and now Roman province of Egypt. The days of pharoahs and Ptolemies have passed into history, but the legacy of Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra's clashes in the desert lives on. The Roman governor is short of men and can expect no help from his Imperial masters, despite the looming threat of a Nubian invasion from the south.

    Cato, now a provisional prefect in the legions, is still adjusting to his new authority as a ranking legion officer. Macro, the tough, no-nonsense centurion is also getting used to taking orders from his former subordinate. Macro has suffered at the hands of Ajax during the slave rebellion in Crete. Cato's beloved Julia, daughter of a powerful Roman senator, also suffered. Ajax's depredations in the Empire cannot be allowed to continue, as they threaten to inspire more slave rebellions.

    With vengeance foremost in their minds they scour the coast of Egypt and into the upper Nile in pursuit of him.

    Their quest is stalled as their superiors have more pressing priorities: Do they seek revenge at any cost or answer Rome's call of duty? If you're already familiar with the adventures of Macro and Cato, you know what to expect. If you're new to Scarrow's Eagle series, these are historical adventure stories: Swords will be drawn and bled , sandals will the marched into the dust and Rome's enemies again put the legions to the test.

    Politics enter the fray even in this distant province: If they were to cast a movie based on the series, someone like Jason Statham would be at the top of the list to play tough-as-nails Macro and Michael Fassbender would be tapped to play Cato, the astute junior officer with political ambitions. The series is , Roman-style. The only caveat I'd have is that, since it deals with the fallout of Ajax's actions in The Gladiator, it would have been better to read that one first for the sake of context.

    I didn't -- but I still enjoyed the novel, since Scarrow gives readers enough background that you can leap into this one without missing a beat.

    These are entertaining, addictive novels. Hail Claudius, Emperor! The publishers have removed Eagle from subsequent novel titles since 'Centurion', supposedly to get newer readers who might have felt like they were so far behind -- like me! They're probably right on that. This is the second or third Scarrow novel I've read and I enjoyed this one the most. That could change -- I'm now reading Scarrow's 'Sword and Scimitar', a new novel based on the cataclysmic battles between Europe and the Ottoman Empire in the late 's during the reign of Elizabeth I.

    May 07, Robin Carter rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review is from: The Legion Hardcover The Legion: A great milestone in the current series, it being the 10th of an excellent highly addictive and action packed series. This book continues on from where Gladiator left off, with our heroes tasked with tracking down the ruthless ex-Slave and Ex-Gladiator Ajax. Fresh from his exploits in Crete, having failed to conquer the island, he has escaped to forment rebellion along the Nile.

    I have been reading Simons books pretty much since day 1 of publi This review is from: I have been reading Simons books pretty much since day 1 of publication, and have loved almost every book, I have to admit to being frustrated with the last book Gladiator whilst still enjoying the great writing and characterisation that Simon brings to every story he writes there was something that didn't work for me.

    I was however overjoyed to read The Legion and find that all that frustration had gone, that the Heroes Macro and Cato are back on song and the plot raced along at such a pace I had to slow down my reading so I didn't miss anything. For me this was a return to old, this book was right up there on a par with one of the series best Eagles Prophecy, the comparison easy coming to mind as it links the Roman Naval writing by Simon and Ajax's past.

    Simon does seem to have a knack for writing all types of bloody battles but the Naval ones being particularly good, with a high degree of realism, pace and action, whilst remembering that people get tired, frustrated , complacent etc.. What we don't want are super heroes we want fallible complicated men, and we get that in spades. This book also has the added elements of our 2 heroes coming to grips with a change in the dynamic of their relationship, Cato now having progressed through the ranks beyond his mentor, but also Cato struggling with that new rank at times and the responsibility it confers.

    A true achievement of the book, to have the back drop of these personal turmoil's whilst not taking away the action and the pace and the drama.

    This book for me is a real triumph, a return to the best, and a clear sign that we can expect many more great books and exploits' for our intrepid Soldiers. If you like reading Historical fiction then this is a must because Simon is clearly one of the iconic writers of the genre, he sets the standard for others to follow. Oct 11, John Salter rated it it was amazing.

    Simon Scarrow has once again managed to produce yet another brilliant story involving Macro and Cato. In the sequel to The Gladiator our intrepid heroes are tasked with pursuing and destroying Ajax and his gladiator army who are posing as Roman soldiers and attacking settlements and ships in Egypt. These attacks are turning the locals against Rome and so must be dealt with as soon as possible and who better, than the two man army that is Cato and Macro!

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    The action starts as soon as you open the b Simon Scarrow has once again managed to produce yet another brilliant story involving Macro and Cato. The action starts as soon as you open the book and throughout there are a couple of twists and turns that keep you reading and wanting more. My indulgence of the story was delayed by flu but as soon as I was better I picked up from where I'd left off and so did the action on sea and land.

    Mr Scarrow having visited the places he writes about, enables the reader to graphically recreate the scenes fully with little need for imagination. Once again the battle scenes are graphic as they should be when writing about such conflicts and you can easily see in your minds eye the horrific injuries sustained and hear the clash of sword against sword. Ajax and his men are constantly pursued and worn down by the Roman force led by Cato, as eventually their ships are destoyed and the chase returns to the land, where Ajax begins even worse tactics against the local population.

    With only a small band of men left, Ajax volunteers his services to the Nubians who have invaded the Roman held land in an attempt strangle the grain supply to the capital. Ajax with his lust for revenge however, does things his own way which brings it's own problems.

    After certain events Cato finds himself in charge of the twenty second legion, who are whipped into shape after their policing role in Egypt away from front line duties. What follows is another great story which is concluded with one of the largest battles in the series so far. Cato shows a softer more vulnerable side in this book but he's helped along by the ever dependable Macro.

    I noticed there was also slightly less humour in this story compared to others but it didn't detract from other books. All in all it's another great edition to previous books and keeps Simon Scarrow at the forefront of historical Roman novels.

    Oct 18, David rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

    To view it, click here. Simon Scarrow has masterfully done a great job at using third person writing to have three points of view in one book. This book takes place when Cato and Marco are completing their mission from the last book, The Gladiator. Simon Scarrow has done a wonderful job of making the bond between Marco and Cato tighten and you can get a great sense Review on The Legion by Simon Scarrow, This is the ninth book the Cato and Marco series, it is a Historical Fiction novel and is based in ancient Roman era.

    Simon Scarrow has done a wonderful job of making the bond between Marco and Cato tighten and you can get a great sense of trust between them. This a great action packed novel filed with twists at every flip of the page. Even through in the middle it became a little dull, he manage to keep extremely exciting after near the end as the last battle between Ajax and the old Centurion Marco.

    I have to admit I was disappointed though at the end how it turned out. I noticed how much Cato has changed, from the young Optio in the earlier book that would always seem to look to Marco for help and advice to Cato now who is giving the orders to Marco and it is now Marco who is looking up to him. The feelings of this novel were marvellous, at some points I found my self grinning like a mad man as I read the fights scenes because it was so thrilling and made me happy to see the great duo kick some rebel arse.

    The one most feeling I felt was excitement. That word to me, describes the book perfectly. The romance wasn't much in this book to my disappointment, this has been the negative side of the later book, and in this book as well, in his earlier books he had a great romance scenes and yes sex scenes as well, but Simon Scarrow has seemed to loose that ability to add that into his book, along with the vulgar language.

    It makes a awesome read still without it but I would enjoy it more with those things back into the books. I would recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys a great action packed, heart racing, and anger flaring novel.

    If you enjoyed the Spartacus TV series you will love this series and this book. Sep 20, Ben rated it really liked it Shelves: The dynamic between our 2 leading men has shifted and makes for a nice change, tho it feels like this could ultimately spell the beginning of the end for Macro, who now finds himself the junior of the two and not getting any younger, tho still proving to be tough as old boots, I truly hope Mr Scarrow does not intend killing him off in future volumes!

    I like the detail and as previously mentioned Scarrow write excellent fight scenes, while having a knack for dry humour too! However I do have a couple of mis givings about this book! That may just be me but that's how I feel! I still rate it but was kinda happy when it was all done! After 3 books following the single minded attempts to bring Ajax to a deserved reckoning Preferably providing closure to Macro at the least , the enemy of the piece is brought to justice in an admittedly gruesome fashion but not one that leaves reader or hero satisfied!

    How is Macro to get revenge now? Or Cato for his bride to be? For me the ending didn't satisfy! I can only hope, that this has been done to in some way help set up Praetorian the next book my personal view is it could have been handled better!

    En definitiva que ahora mismo esta saga se encuentra en un momento muy interesante y que merece mucho la pena disfrutar. Si te gustan las novelas ambientadas en Roma y las batallas esta saga de novelas tiene que estar en tu lista de lectura. Feb 13, Rithun Regi rated it it was amazing. Men and women have been fascinated by the history of Eygpt thanks to the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Nile river and the other wonders this ancient civilization built.

    Simon Scarrow the author, true to his style has taken us back to the times when the Romans ruled Eygpt. He has helped me relive the tough weather and the kind of people you could have encountered in Eygpt. This book as all his other books in the Eagle Series revolves around the powerful Roman legions and their warfare.

    The characters Men and women have been fascinated by the history of Eygpt thanks to the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Nile river and the other wonders this ancient civilization built. The characters of Cato and Macro are among the most powerful and close to life characters I have read. Both of the characters play a powerful role in the book and the portrayal of the ancient City of Alexandria with the lighthouse, the Ancient Library and the tomb of Alexander the Great also adds colour and life to the book.

    The Nubians as a race are introduced in the book and for an history buff it makes for great reading. Loved the book and recommend it to any one fascinated with the ancient Eygptian and Roman civilizations. Nov 29, D. Book 10 in Cato and Macro's lives and it seems that we are not even half way through all that there needs to be said.

    We opened with Vespasian and the invasion of Britain.

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    After meeting such an august individual back then, it would seem that we are destined to meet him again one day, and see his rise to the purple. This is actually part of the arc began in book 9, The Gladiator. The villain there, Ajax, slipped away and now needs to be dealt with. Simon scarrow brothers in blood epub download sites - Brothers in Blood ebook by Simon Scarrow.

    Come and download simon scarrow absolutely for free. Simon Scarrow - Brothers in Blood [Eagle 13] [epub]. Simon Scarrow Languange : en. Brothers in Blood features the vivid historical detail and gripping.. M Simon Scarrow. You may not use this site to distribute or download any.. Download Simon Scarrow torrent from books category on Isohunt.

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    Invictus by Simon Scarrow epub RtR. Simon Scarrow - Brothers in Blood. Torrent sites. Torrent Downloads.

    The Legion (Eagles of the Empire 10)

    Lime Torrents. The Pirate Bay.. Simon Scarrow 29 ePub eBooks Collection. Simon Scarrow - Cato 13 - Brothers in Blood. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Free mp3 download.. Brothers in Blood free ebook download: Views: Likes:

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