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    Simple download ebook I Shall Wear Midnight for smartphone - FB Reader. I Shall Wear Midnight · Terry, epub, , English, 0, Discworld 38, [Download] . I Shall Wear Midnight · Terry, lrf, , English, 0, Discworld I Shall Wear Midnight (Discworld Novel 38) by Terry Pratchett – free eBook download. After reading the last series of books of the great.

    After reading the last series of books of the great storyteller and narrator Terry Pratchett. The reader becomes warmly at heart, and very sad. Sadly, because this great visionary, whose history is absorbed without a trace, left us. Perhaps he, like the dummy, just returned and reborn in another world. But more we will not have his stories about amazing people, places and events. You can not judge the quality of this series with respect to others. All that is required to know, the author retells, what readers could forget — reminds. History develops separately, far from the mountains and noisy cities, on the green Cretaceous hills. Here, all live their small but important lives, and what happens somewhere in the world, they are little concerned. Only the sheep that they graze, the house they live in, and the family they love are important. In these stories, the reader will like everything. And the characters, and humor, and syllable.

    There was a lot of etiquette involved, even at something so deceptively cheerful as a fair. She was the witch. For all the villages along the Chalk she was the witch.

    The area that a witch thought of as her own, and for whose people she did what was needful, was called a steading, and as steadings went, this one was pretty good. Not many witches got a whole geological outcrop to themselves, even if this one was mostly covered in grass, and the grass was mostly covered in sheep.

    And today the sheep on the downs were left by themselves to do whatever it was that they did when they were by themselves, which would presumably be pretty much the same as they did if you were watching them.

    And the sheep, usually fussed and herded and generally watched over, were now of no interest whatsoever, because right here the most wonderful attraction in the world was taking place.

    If you lived around the Chalk you were bound to meet everyone that you knew2 at the fair. It was quite often where you met the person you were likely to marry.

    The girls certainly all wore their best dresses, while the boys wore expressions of hopefulness and their hair smoothed down with cheap hair pomade or, more usually, spit. Those who had opted for spit generally came off better since the cheap pomade was very cheap indeed and would often melt and run in the hot weather, causing the young men not to be of interest to the young women, as they had fervently hoped, but to the flies, who would make their lunch off their scalps.

    The scouring was held over three days at the end of summer. For most people on the Chalk, it was their holiday. Who knew what they might get turned into? Not to put too fine a point to it, there was a certain amount of what Nanny Ogg — a witch who had been married to three husbands — called making your own entertainment.

    It was a shame that Nanny lived right up in the mountains, because she would have loved the scouring and Tiffany would have loved to see her face when she saw the giant. A white outline against the green, he belonged to the days when people had to think about survival and fertility in a dangerous world.

    Oh, and he had also been carved, or so it would appear, before anyone had invented trousers.

    His lack of trousers filled the world. You simply could not stroll down the little road that passed along the bottom of the hills without noticing that there was an enormous, as it were, lack of something — e.

    It was definitely a figure of a man without trousers, and certainly not a woman. There was always a lot of giggling when the girls worked on the giant. She was generally thought of as a jolly old soul, but there was a lot more to the old woman.

    I Shall Wear Midnight

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