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2. Using this manual. Thank you for choosing this Samsung mobile device. This device will provide New tab. To open a new window without saving your browsing data,. ○ select → New csv, pdf, htm, html, webm, flac, ogg. Some file. Galaxy Tab 2 (, Wi-Fi). Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, Contact Us. Samsung Support UK. Check out our support resources for your Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P to find manuals, specs, features, and FAQs. You can also register your product to gain.

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Galaxy Tab 2 Manual Pdf

2. Plug the USB end of the USB cable into the Charging Head, and then plug o Tap Activate to override auto-activation and start the manual activation wizard. TABLET. User Manual. Please read this manual before operating your device ii . Legal Notices. Samsung Knox. Samsung Knox™ is Samsung's security. View and Download Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 user manual online. Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet pdf manual download.

Also See for Galaxy tab 2 Most useful pages: Page of Go. Health and Safety Informatio Table of Contents. Intellectual Property. Understanding This User Manual. SIM Card.

Extended Home Screen. Navigating Your Device. Status Details. Quick Settings. Status Bar. Primary Shortcuts. Removing Widgets.

App Shortcuts. Mini App Tray. Apps Screen. Text Input Methods. Changing the Input Method. Samsung Keyboard. Using the Samsung Keyboard. Entering Upper and Lower Case Letters. Entering Symbols and Numbers. Editing Text. Entering Text Using Swype. Using Speech Recognition. Importing and Exporting Contacts. Adding Group Members. Removing Group Members. Types of Messages. Creating and Sending Messages.

Message Options. Viewing Newly Received Messages. Deleting Messages. Message Search. Messaging Settings. Notification Settings. Text Templates. Composing and Sending Gmail. Gmail Account Settings. Managing Your Email Accounts. Composing and Sending Email. Account Settings. Outgoing Server Settings. Google Talk.

Camera Settings. Viewing Photos With the Image Viewer. Camcorder Settings. Viewing Videos With the Image Viewer. Video Player. Locating Your Vod Registration Number. Viewing Photos and Videos. Sharing Photos and Videos. Playing Videos. Photo Editor. Media Hub. Media Hub Notices. Play Music. Changing Library View.

Searching for Music. Changing Music Settings. Listening to Music. Playing Music. Options While Playing a Song. Creating a Playlist. Playing, Renaming, or Deleting a Playlist. Making Online Music Available Offline. Music Player.

T-Mobile TV. Using Bookmarks. Internet Settings. Internet Quick Controls. Adding a Wi Fi Network Manually. Wi-Fi Direct. WPS Push Button. Bluetooth Settings. Pairing With a Bluetooth Device. Receiving Data From a Bluetooth Device.

Sharing Data With a Bluetooth Device. USB Tethering. Mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot. Kies Via Wi-Fi. Synchronizing With Windows Media Player. Connecting As a Mass Storage Device. GPS Applications. Update Available.

Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

AllShare Play. Creating an Event or Task. Managing Events. Group Play. Lookout Security. Maps Settings. Mobile HotSpot. My Files. Play Books. Reading a Book. Play Magazines. Play Store. Managing Downloads. Polaris Office. Pro Apps. S Suggest. Samsung Apps. Slacker Radio. Smart Remote. T-Mobile My Account.

Video Editor. Voice Search. VPN Client. World Clock. Accessing Settings. Wireless and Network. Turning Bluetooth On or Off. Data Usage. More Settings. Nearby Devices. Blocking Mode. Sound Settings. Display Settings. Smart Stay. Power Saving Mode.

Application Manager. Location Services. Lock Screen. Lock Screen Options. Owner Information. Setting Up Sim Card Lock. Unknown Sources. Password Settings. Device Administration. Language and Input. Samsung Keyboard Settings. Back Up and Reset. Factory Data Reset. Add Account.

Date and Time. Developer Options. User Interface Options. Desktop Backup Password. About Device. Software Update.

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Smart Practices While Driving. Battery Use and Safety. Samsung Mobile Products and Recycling. UL Certified Travel Charger. Care and Maintenance.

Responsible Listening. Operating Environment. Posted Facilities. Potentially Explosive Environments. FCC Notice and Cautions. Other Important Safety Information. Standard Limited Warranty.

End User License Agreement for Software. Please read this manual before operating your. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Also See for Samsung Galaxy tab 2 Related Manuals for Samsung Galaxy tab 2 Summary of Contents for Samsung Galaxy tab 2 Page 2: Page 3 Samsung device.

During the testing, the device is tested with the security solutions to see if the solutions work with the device as described by the third party security solution providers. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co.

Do you have questions about your Samsung Mobile Phone? Go to vod. Page 7: Table Of Contents Widgets Page 9 USB Tethering Page 10 Samsung Apps Page 11 Battery Use and Safety Page Section 1: Getting Started Section 1: Getting Started This section helps you to quickly start using your device. Unless stated otherwise, instructions in this user manual Understanding This User Manual start with the device unlocked, at the Home screen.

The sections of this manual generally follow the features of your device. Sim Card Text Conventions Caution! Do not bend or scratch the SIM card. Take care when This manual provides condensed information about how to handling, installing, or removing the SIM card, and use your device.

To make this possible, the following text avoid exposing the SIM card to static electricity, conventions are used to represent often-used steps: Removing The Sim Card 2. Carefully slide the SIM Card out of the slot. Place the cover back over the open slot. Turn the device off before installing or removing the SIM card.

The SD card is designed for use with this and other devices. Remove the slot cover. The Battery icon in the Status Bar shows the battery power level. Firmly press the card into the slot and release it. The prompts you to charge the battery. Page 17 1. Verify the connection is secure. Plug the Charging Head into a standard AC power outlet. While the device is charging, if the touch screen 2. When charging is complete, unplug the Charging Head Important!

When you hold the device in landscape mode, your from the power outlet and remove the USB cable from hand may cover the light sensor which can cause it the device. Read the on-screen System Manager Application information. If you indicated that you did not have a current Google account, then at the Make it Google screen, choose Note: This software collects only diagnostic data from your either Get an account to create a new account or device so that T-Mobile technicians can better Not now to continue.

Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0, Wi-Fi)

This account provides access to several device features such as 2. If you misplace or forget your Google Account videos to the Memory card, it is a very good idea to confirm password, follow these instructions to retrieve it: Samsung account. If you have previously created a Samsung account, tap If you have already verified your email address, tap Sign in.

Activate account. Confirm the Samsung account icon no longer appears in the Notifications area at the top of the screen. It also has a link to Note: Without confirming your email address and following the the Task Manager application. From any screen, touch and hold Home and then 1.

Go to http: Use your model number to find compatible — or — You can unlock the device using one of the default Unlock screens or, for 2. From the Home screen, tap Apps Google. Press and select Settings. Section 2: Understanding Your Device Section 2: Side Views Side Views 3. Infrared Blaster: SIM Card slot: Insertion slot for micro SIM card. For more information, 2. Headset Jack: Plug in for 3. When you hold the device in landscape mode, your hand may cover the light sensor which can cause it not to detect light levels properly.

Back View Back View 4. Insertion slot for microSD card. Volume Key: From a Home screen, press to adjust 1. Camera Lens: Used when taking photos or recording Master Volume. During music playback, press to adjust videos. Home Screen Home Screen Tip: The area across the top of the screen is called the The Home screen is the starting point for using your device. Application Bar. Unless stated otherwise, instructions in this user manual start with the device unlocked, at the Home screen.

Page 33 8. Display the central Home screen. Touch System Bar: The area along the bottom of the Home and hold to display the Task Manager pop-up. Page 35 1. From a Home screen, pinch the screen from the left 2. Use these controls to configure panels: Touch and drag a panel to the Trash screen. Can to remove the panel from the Home — Command Buttons image of the current screen and edit the image, then Back Save to save the image. Activate on-screen items. For example: Notifications Notifications To open the Status Details: Tap the Time area of the Status Bar 1.

If you have any When you receive a notification, the Notification icon displays current notifications, their summaries are listed below in the System Bar, to the left of the Time. Notifications the Status Details. Quick Settings Quick Settings Note: It is necessary to scroll across the Quick Setting icons to This area allows you to view and control the most common view all options ex: The Quick Settings are: Page 40 New Gmail Message: You have new Gmail.

Tap the icon for additional information. Samsung account: Set up your Samsung account. Lookout Security action: You have new Lookout Security action or notification.

Status Bar Software update: The device is connected available for this device. The battery is only charged while Updates Available: Updates to the applications you connected to a computer, if the device is turned off.

Page 42 Set up input methods: When the keyboard is being 4G Active: Displays when your device is Bluetooth Active: Bluetooth is turned on. Page 43 Nearby Device: Displays when the File sharing option is Event: This is a notification for one or more events. SD card Ready: Displays when the external SD card Screenshot Captured: A screenshot has been internal microSD has been disconnected Primary Shortcuts Primary Shortcuts Widgets Primary Shortcuts appear at the bottom of the main Home When you first turn on your tablet, there are various widgets screen.

They can also appear on the Home screens to the left and right of the center Home Tip: The main Home screen is usually the center Home screen.

You can rent or download your files tagged as recommended for playback. Recommends popular applications, when your Video Player 4x3: Play and manage videos stored on your tablet. Wallpapers Wallpapers 3. Tap the Apps tab. Touch and hold the application icon, then slide your You can choose a picture to display on the Home Screen, finger where you want to place the icon and release it.

Lock screen, or on both the Home and Lock screens. Choose from pre-loaded wallpaper images. Tap an image to view it.

Tap Set wallpaper to save it as wallpaper There are shortcuts available that link to apps that you might or tap Back to return to the Home screen. Live wallpapers is not available for the Lock screen.

Various and arrange them in any order. From any screen, tap Mini App Tray at the bottom, top of the pop-up and center of the screen. Page 51 To manually change the order of the icons on the Apps screen: From a Home screen, tap Apps. Tap Menu Edit. Touch and hold an icon and drag it to a new position. Tap Save to save the changes.

You can place shortcuts to applications on the Home screen for quick access to the application. Section 3: The Samsung keyboard is also a virtual page Input characters by keyboard is to use the on-screen keys you have other tapping the on-screen keys with your finger or use speech options. After typing an initial uppercase character, the To configure the Samsung keyboard to your preferences: Touch and hold bottom-right of screen Set up input methods in the Status bar and tap adjacent to Samsung keyboard.

The Set up input methods pop-up or Y or the C, N, or S key to open a small window where you displays. Page 56 Touch and hold bottom-right of screen Set up input methods in the Status bar and tap adjacent to Samsung keyboard.

The Set up input methods pop- up displays. To select and copy, delete, or replace text: Tap Predictive text Auto substitution list. Touch and hold the text or word you want to select.

Instead of tapping each key, use your finger to trace over — If the application in which you are working Touch and hold on a key to enter the symbol or number at the top supports editing, you can cut, copy, or paste highlighted text.

Using Speech Recognition You can use your voice to enter text using the Voice input feature, which lets you enter text by speaking. The Samsung keypad recognizes your speech and enters text for you.

Touch and hold bottom-right of screen Set up input methods in the Status bar. Section 4: Contacts And Accounts Section 4: Contacts and Accounts Contacts This section explains how to manage contacts and accounts.

Accounts Store contact information for your friends, family, and colleagues to quickly access information or to send a From the Accounts menu you decide if you want applications message.

Page 64 2. The label entries below can change and are dependant Google, or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync depending on the selected destination type ex: Page 65 Deleting Contacts 6. Tap Add another field to add these additional fields: Website, Internet call, Events, and Relationship.

From a Home screen, tap Apps Contacts. Tap Back bottom-left to remove the keyboard. Page 66 Tap Delete and then tap OK. Displays the Accounts and sync screen so you can 4. From the Groups list, select a group and then tap manage or synchronize this account.

Menu to display these Group-specific options: Search the group for a contact. Changes the order of how the groups display. Linked Contacts 1. Tap a contact in the Contacts list to view its Your device can synchronize with multiple accounts, information. Groups Groups Renaming a Group To rename a group that you created: Assign contacts to Groups to make searching for contacts faster or to quickly send messages to group members.

Creating a New Group 2. To remove contacts from a group: Favorites Favorites 2. Mark contact records with a gold star to identify them as — or — favorites. To add a contact to the Favorites list: Only your starred contacts display. Section 5: Messaging Section 5: Messaging Creating and Sending Messages This section describes how to send and receive messages and other features associated with messaging. Message Options 2.

Tap the Enter recipient field to manually enter a If you have more than one recipient, the same text message is sent to all recipients in the Enter Recipients field. If you exit a message before you send it, it will be to select from one of the following: Attach and select one of the following options: When you receive a message, your device notifies you by Adding Additional Text displaying within the Notification area at the bottom You can copy text such as names, phone numbers, and right of your Home screen.

Page 77 Message Threads To access message thread options: Sent and received text and picture messages are grouped From the main Messaging screen, touch and hold a into message threads. Threaded messages allow you to see listed message to display the following options: Open a message to reveal the message string. Choose from: Once, Every 2 minutes, or Every 10 minutes.

Page 81 Emergency Alert Configuration Important! Alerts issued by the President can not be disabled. This is a readily accessible list of both default and email.

To set up your Google account on your device, use the to incoming messages. Page 83 Managing Your Gmail Account 2. Tap Existing to sign in to an existing account. From a Home screen, tap Apps Gmail. Mark the 2. Gmail Account Settings 7. Tap Menu for the following options: Stores the current message as a draft. Indicates whether you have Gmail synchronization turned on for this account in the Accounts and Each account has independent settings: Tap to open those settings.

POP3 is the current standard. Set how often to check for new email. If your account settings could not obtained Options are: Never, Every 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes, Every hour, automatically, tap Edit details, update the Domain Every 4 hours, or Once a day. Enable or disable auto-download of files attached to To add additional email accounts: From a Home screen, tap Apps Email.

Tap Next to go to the next screen or tap Previous to go 2. Relocate the conversations to another folder in the current email account or in a folder within another email In addition to managing your Email account, there are account. While composing a message, the following options may be displayed: Display the settings for this email account.

For more Priority: Set the email priority. Options are: Account Settings Account Settings Insert quick response: Insert text that you frequently use in emails. Available settings may depend on the email account and Font size: Choose a text font size of 9, 10,12, include setting how much email to synchronize, creating 14, 16, 20, 24, 28, or 36 points. Move the slider to enable or disable this option. Allows you to configure a set of priority email to add to email from this account.

Set the maximum email retrieval size, auto-download of files attached to recent messages when which ranges from 0. Configure incoming server different, depending on the kind of email service for the settings. Set the Security type first to enter the typical server port Require sign-in: Check this option to enter a username and number in this field automatically. Or enter a different port password for your SMTP server, if your email service provider number if your email service provider requires it.

You can use it to communicate, in real time, with other people who also use Google Talk on another Android You can invite anyone with a Google Account to become your tablet or phone or on a computer. Page 98 View and Accept an Invitation to Become a 2. Tap to invite another friend to chat, to invite a Friend friend to video chat, or to invite a friend to voice chat. When a contact invites you to become a friend in Google Talk, you receive a notification in the System Bar and the 3. Remove the friend as if you never accepted their invitation.

However, the friend is not blocked. Use Google Talk Settings to configure your Talk account. If you have more than one account, each maintains its own Note: Set whether to open a dialog or display a notification in the System Bar when you are invited to With Google Messenger, you can bring groups of friends a video chat.

Section 6: Multimedia Section 6: Although the device is configured to store new pictures and You can take photographs and shoot video by using the videos to the Memory card, it is a very good idea to confirm built-in camera functionality. Camera 3. If desired, before taking the photo, use the left area of Note: It is recommended that you set the option to Memory the screen to access various camera options and card.

Press to return to the Home screen. Storage Settings Camera Page Shooting mode: Choose an automatic shooting mode, Important! Do not take photos of people without their from: Take a single photo. Do not take photos in places where cameras are not allowed. Page Exposure value: Use the slider to set the exposure Settings Continued: Allows you to replace the position Color, Firework, Candlelight, or Backlight. Camera settings are associated with the shutter activation.

Tap Settings Edit shortcuts. Touch and hold any of the shortcut icons to edit them. Page 1. From a Home screen, tap Apps Gallery. Print the current photo to a compatible Samsung printer. Select a folder location and tap a file to open it.

Changes the filename associated to the current 3. Page Enabling Share Shot 4. Select one of the three options: This multiple users can Wi-Fi connect their devices and then all image is spread across all available screens. Page 2. Tap Scan and select the single device name to begin To enable Share shot on Camera: From the Home screen, tap Camera compatible device.

Shooting Mode Share shot. Tap Camera key until the shutter sounds. Verify all of your recipients are connected to the 2. Camcorder Recording Videos 6. Other users will have to activate their Group Play functionality and then select the current Group and 1.

From a Home screen, tap Apps Camera. Slide the Mode button to the Camcorder You can now interact and draw with the on-screen setting. Camcorder Settings Camcorder Settings Camcorder Options Before you start taking videos, use the camcorder settings to Before you start recording videos, use the camcorder options configure the camcorder for best results.

Camcorder settings to configure the camcorder for best results. Camcorder are represented by icons on the left side of the screen. Set the light source. Auto, 4. What you see on screen will not correspond to the 5. Shares the current via directly via a current Bluetooth connection to an external device. Page 5. On the drop-down list at the top left of the screen, touch Groups. Page 53 3. Touch the Star next to the contact name so that it 5. Touch Done to remove the contacts.

From a Home screen, touch Apps Tip: Section 4: Messaging Section 4: Messaging Gmail This section describes how to send and receive messages and other features associated with messaging.

Email Refreshing Your Gmail Account 3. Touch SEND to send this message. Page 56 Managing Your Email Accounts 4. Touch Next to go to the next screen or touch Previous to go to the Apps screen. You can view email you receive for all accounts in the Combined view screen or you can view email accounts Note: For Exchange ActiveSync accounts, the Activate device individually.

From a Home screen, touch Email. Use the Email Settings to configure your Email preferences. If you have multiple accounts set up, choose an account Note: Available settings depend on the email provider. Google Talk Google Talk 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to invite friends to chat. You can use it to communicate, in real time, with other people who also use Google Talk on another Android tablet or become your friend in Google Talk, so you can chat with phone or on a computer.

Messenger Messenger ChatON With Google Messenger, you can bring groups of friends A smart-messaging app that gives you a host of innovative together into a simple group conversation, putting everyone ways to stay connected with all your friends and family, on the same page.

When you get a new conversation in regardless of their device or platform. Section 5: Internet And Social Networking Section 5: Internet and Social Networking This section describes the various Internet and social 2. Use the keyboard to enter search criteria to display networking applications available on your device such as matching searches. Page 62 Zoom 3. To delete an open window, touch the tab at the top of and thumb, to zoom out by making an inward the screen, and then touch pinch motion on the screen.

From a Home screen, touch Internet. Local Local Maps Google Local originally Google Places is an application that Use Google Maps to find your current location, get directions, uses Google Maps and your location to help you find and other location-based information. You must enable location services to use Maps. With Google Latitude, you can see the location of all of your Touch friends on a map or on a list.

Google eBooks is a new way to discover, download, and enjoy your favorite books online and Navigation works best when Wi-Fi is enabled. To find a YouTube video. Touch on the keyboard to initiate the search. Section 6: Music Section 6: Enable or disable the music display options that To use Music Player options and configure settings: A check mark next to 1.

From a Home screen, touch Apps an option means that it is enabled. Playing Music Touch Playlists, touch a playlist, and then touch 2. Add music in portrait mode. Touch a song to start playing the playlist at that song.

Deleting a Playlist All songs are displayed. Favourite You can change songs or easily return to the Music Player: Page 72 4. During playback, use the sound and playlist controls: Touch to view and set SoundAlive options. Touch to switch to the list of songs. Music Hub Touch an item to display more information and prices. Displays bestsellers and new releases by genre, manager and lets you access, download, and download millions of such as pop, rock, jazz, comedy, and blues.

Page 74 4. Touch next to an album to add the album to your Note: You have to be signed in to use some options. To sign in, album or next to each track that you want to add to your touch Sign in and use the keyboard to enter your Email album.

Section 7: Photos And Video Section 7: Before you start taking photos, use the camera settings to configure the camera for best results. From a Home screen, touch Camera. Choose a mode to match the kind of pictures you want to take. To configure Camera settings: Page 78 Viewing Photos with the Image Viewer 8.

Touch Menu to select Set as to assign the photo as a Contact photo or a Home screen, Lock screen, or After taking a photo, use the Image Viewer to view, share, Home and lock screens wallpaper. Slide the Mode button to the Camcorder 1. Page 80 Configuring Camcorder Settings Important! Do not take videos of people without their To configure Camcorder settings: Page 81 6. Enable or disable an on-screen grid to aid in Delete.

Choose a quality setting for videos. Video Player Video Player 5. Touch a video to play it. While playing a video, touch the screen to display or hide on-screen playback controls.

Touch the icon in the upper left corner of the display screen provides playback of videos. If bookmarks have been set for this video, a thumbnail and time are displayed for each bookmark.

Touch Use Gallery to view, capture, and manage photos and videos.

Galaxy Tab 2 (, Wi-Fi) | Samsung Support UK

Page 84 Viewing Groups of Photos and Videos 5. Sweep across the screen to display the next or previous photo or video.

From a Home screen, touch Gallery. The current photo or video is outlined in the 2. Print the current photo to a Samsung printer. Duration, and so on. This option displays if a Location exists for the For menu options while a video is playing and other photo. Playing Videos 1. Photo Editor Sharing Photos and Videos 3. Touch the photo to load it into the Photo Editor. Use the following Photo Editor controls to edit your Share photos and videos with your friends. Page 88 5. When all updates to the photo have been made, touch Crop: Touch to crop cut-out an area of a photo.

Use the keyboard to name the edited photo and touch OK to save it. Set the Auto adjustment, Exposure, 6. Video Editor Video Editor 3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Effect Video Editor lets you custom-make your own videos. You can add themes, music, pictures, and other videos to your video. Use this screen to add an effect to your project. Page 90 For additional options: Select a new theme for this project.

Create an mp4 file for this project. Save this project information for future use. Create an mp4 file and share it. Touch an option, such as Bluetooth, and follow the on-screen instructions. Section 8: Connections Section 8: You can have your device automatically notify you of available Wi-Fi networks. Depending on the Security protocol used by the WAP, When you turn on Wi-Fi, your device searches for available additional network information may be required, such as Wi-Fi connections, then displays them on screen.

Bluetooth An Invitation to connect displays on the device to which 4. The other device displays a pop-up that indicates it is you want to connect.

The file is transferred and can be found in My Files in the 6. Pairing With A Bluetooth Device 2. When prompted, enter the PIN on the target device.

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Files, apps, and other items you download in Internet, Gmail, 1. Turn Bluetooth on. Kies Via Wi-fi 5. Touch OK to confirm you want to uninstall the app. Memory Card 5. Refer to Samsung Kies Help for more information. Memory Card Synchronizing with Windows Media Click the option to Open device to view files. You should see a Card and a Tablet folder. You can connect your device to a PC as a removable disk and access the file directory. If you insert a memory card in the 4.

Section 9: Applications And Widgets Section 9: Applications and Widgets This section contains a description of each application that is To update the applications: Alarm Alarm Global GPS turn-by-turn navigation, mapping, and Point of Interest content is available for three continents, including Set alarms for reminders or for wake-up times. North America U. Allshare Play You must first connect both of your communicating devices to — or — the same Wi-Fi and be using an active and registered Samsung account prior to using this application.

Calculator 4. Touch Create new account, if you have not set up a 8. To use the scientific functions, turn the phone sideways Samsung account, or touch Sign in, if you have already to landscape mode. Display your list of tasks. Touch the sort field to change how your tasks are sorted. Tasks can be sorted by due date, Your device includes a powerful planner to help you organize priority, date, week, month, or group. Use the Set date pop-up to enter a date and then 2.

Double-tap the date for which you want to enter an all touch Set to display that date on your calendar.

Camera Touch Options and then touch Delete, 4. Touch fields on the screen to configure the Calendar. Send, or Edit. Touch the field and touch the desired value. Touch the field and use the To add additional accounts: Touch the checkbox for items you want to send, to check them, and then touch Share.

Touch an option Store contact information for your friends, family and to share the item. Options are: Dual Clock Accessing Dropbox On Your Device Dropbox creates a folder that automatically synchronizes its contents across all of your connected devices on your 1.

From a Home screen, touch Apps account. Gallery Gallery Google Use Gallery to view, capture, and manage photos and videos. Search the internet using the Google search engine.

From a Home screen, touch Memo. Google Local originally Google Places is an application that uses Google Maps and your location to help you find 2. Touch Add, compose the memo, then touch Done destinations, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, attractions, to save.

Messenger Memo Options Music Player While viewing a Memo, touch Memo options for the Play music and other audio files that you copy from your computer. Share via. Navigation 4. While browsing files, use these controls: The Gallery app is used to open the photo.

Display a higher directory. To view a video file: Use the keyboard to enter a search term. Photo Editor Photo Editor 1. To perfect any photos stored on your tablet, use Photo Editor 2. To get help for using Google Play, touch Help. This application is a Microsoft Office compatible office suite Updates to Downloaded Apps that provides a central place for managing your documents online or offline.

Readers Hub Readers Hub 4. Samsung Readers Hub is a one stop shop for books, Samsung Apps magazines and newspapers from around the world. The Samsung Disclaimer displays. Settings 2. Touch Agree. Configure your device to your preferences. You can View the date and time in any time zone. From a Home screen, touch Apps 1. Finance Yahoo! News 5. To change the order of the cities, touch Reorder. Touch the grid on an entry and drag the entry to a Display current news and much more from Yahoo!

Touch Done to change the order. To add the Yahoo! News widget to a Home screen, see 6. Section Settings Section Settings Wireless and Networks This section explains Settings for customizing your device. Use Wi-Fi settings to — Set up and manage wireless access points. This is an easy way to transfer data displayed in the Wi-Fi Direct devices listing. Additional Bluetooth Settings 1. Before you can use a VPN you must establish and prohibited.

Nearby Devices Nearby Devices 4. Touch Save to save your VPN settings. Indicate the devices not accessible 3. Touch Disable notifications to enable this feature. Page Display Tip: You can choose a picture to display on the Home Screen, Lock screen, or both the Home and lock screens.

Choose 3. Touch OK to save your settings. Set the length of delay between the last key press or screen touch and the automatic screen timeout dim and lock. Install an SD card. Application Manager Battery Memory Usage See how memory is being used by Downloaded or Running See how much battery power is used for device activities.

Page Running Services 4. Touch an application to view and update information about the application, including memory usage, default View and control services running on your device. The following options are displayed: Personal 2. Options vary by application. Location and Google Search 1. This section of the Settings screen lets you manage the 2. Select a PIN to use for unlocking the screen. Create a password for unlocking the screen. Touch Lock screen options and set the following options: Owner Information Lock Automatically 2.

Touch Owner information and then touch Show owner info on lock screen to enable or disable the option. Use this option to set how quickly to lock the screen after the screen automatically turns off.

Touch the text field and use the keyboard to enter the 1.

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