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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw is a novel written by American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney, the third book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The book . The Last Straw (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 3) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw (Book 3) [Jeff Kinney] on heipretotarli.cf * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Let's face it: Greg Heffley will never change .

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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Last Straw Book

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw is the 3rd book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid ( series). The book was released on January 13, Let's face it: Greg Heffley. You see, Frank Heffley actually thinks he can get his son to toughen up, and he enlists Greg in organized sports and other "manly" endeavors. Of course, Greg is . It's the third instalment of Jeff Kinney's award winning Diary of a Wimpy Kid series , but will it be third time lucky for our hero, Greg Heffley? It's not easy for me to.

Elizabeth Kennedy is an educator specializing in early childhood and elementary education who has written about children's literature for over a decade. Once again, as he did in Diary of a Wimpy Kid and in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules , Jeff Kinney has done a masterful job, in words and pictures, of illustrating the general goofiness that comes with being a self-centered adolescent and the funny things that happen as a result. His little brother is crabby because he is giving up his pacifier; his father is crabby because he's dieting, and his mom is wearing embarrassing exercise clothes. Greg also complains that the family member that needs the most self-improvement — his brother Roderick — hasn't made any resolutions at all. As for Greg, "Well, the problem is, it's not easy for me to think of ways to improve myself because I'm already one of the best people I know. The emphasis in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw focuses much less on Greg's skirmishes with his older brother and much more on his skirmishes with his father and his growing interest in girls, specifically, a girl named Holly Hills. Between joining the Boy Scouts and going camping in an effort to appease his father and thinking up schemes to attract Holly's attention, Greg is a busy boy. By the end of the book, there's a happy ending, which according to Greg, is as it should be. After all, as Greg says, "I don't know anyone who deserves to catch a break more than me.

Greg says how he is looking for fresh clothes and how his underwear plopped out in the hall-way. Greg heard Holly is having a sleep-over and Rowley had invited him to join a kid from his karate class who lives in the same neighborhood's sleepover,Greg agreed thinking he would go and crash Holly's sleepover. Greg got the position "Shag" in the soccer team.

Greg went to Rowley's friend's sleepover and there weren't any kids older than six and Greg was getting bored, so Greg went up to the room and slept there,but the kids came there and had a pillow fight, so he went down and slept in the basement and Greg had forgot his sleeping bag upstairs so he had to sleep on the cold floor. April It was April Fool's Day and Greg says how he and some kids played a joke which was to make Chirag Gupta think he lost his hearing, but Chirag reported it to the vice-principal and shut down the joke.

Greg was having his second soccer game, but they had volunteered an adult to fetch the ball, so Greg was sitting on the bench and his father wouldn't even let him get his winter coat because he had to be "prepared" in case he was called out. Greg says how he has been out of clean underwear and has been wearing a speedo underneath and he got some Wonder Woman Underoos from his Uncle Charlie , because Greg liked comics and superheroes so Charlie gave those to Greg for Christmas.

Greg, Mackey and Manuel agreed to bring some video games, but they were called on the action to block a free-kick, but they couldn't and the coach, Mr. Litch yelled at them. Greg became the substitute goalie and he didn't get a game, but he did get a game when the normal goalie was injured. But when the mid-fielder of the opponent team kicked a ball from fifty-yards, Greg was busy playing with some flowers and he missed seeing the ball and the other team scored and ended Greg's team's undefeated season bid.

The Last Straw

Frank took Greg and Rodrick to the theater, the usher was Lenwood Heath and he had a crew cut and looked like he had graduated from the air force, when really it was a Military Academy, Frank seemed impressed with his look and had a conversation with him and made friends with him to the surprise of Greg, then Frank told Greg after the movie was over that he was signing him to Spag Union too on 7th June.

Greg thought of joining the Boy Scouts so his father won't take him to Spag Union and he could quit soccer. Greg got signed to Troop which has things like hot-dog roasts and pool parties much of the time, Rowley also signed with Greg and they both were given their uniforms.

They went to whittling, but Rowley got a splinter so they complained and then the scoutmaster, Mr. Barrett , told them they could whittle with the soap and they easily passed that.

May Mr. Barrett announced a father-son campout, Frank agreed to go with Greg, but Greg was sick so he couldn't go, but Frank had to go because signed up as a driver. At around 10 PM Frank called and told them he got put in the tent with Woodley brothers as their father couldn't come, Darren and Marcus were horsing around, and then Darren threw a football at Marcus and it hit him in his stomach and he fell down and wet his pants, Darren laughed, Marcus got angry so he bit Darren and wasn't letting him go.

So Frank had to take Darren to the emergency room. It was Mother's Day and Frank was angry about the father-son campout and was not looking to do any favors for Greg, so Greg ended up writing "and Greg" on Manny's gift which was a card.

Greg asked Frank if he would go with him for a camping trip. Frank was okay with it. Susan was impressed and said Rodrick should also go because it will be a great bounding for them, which worries Greg as Rodrick had put hair in Greg's bed after Greg had photographed Rodrick getting his hair cut in a faded maternity dress.

Greg, Rodrick, and Frank went to the campside, it was raining six inches so they went to a hotel. When it was time to sleep, Frank went to the front-desk to complain about the heater, Rodrick told Greg that the Hills family was staying a room in front of them, Greg fell for it and Rodrick shoved him out of the door and locked it. Greg was stuck in his underwear, so he went off to the vending machines to find his Dad and he did find his Dad but Frank looked a little angry with him.

At church Greg's family got seated two rows ahead of Hills family in hand-shaking movement, Greg shook hands with Holly and when they went home he was about to call her, but Rodrick figured he was calling a girl so he took all handset phones and hid them, Greg told Susan and she made Rodrick return them all. Greg went to his parent's room and when he was dialing Holly's number his Dad walked in and started reading a book, so Greg hid under a duvet.

Just then the phone rang and scared his dad, Frank angrily sent Greg to his room.

Follow the Author

Greg called her number again but his mother called Greg's number to see if he was calling anyone, Mrs Hills answered the phone, then she and his mother started talking. Holly was going to the Roll-A-Round so Greg asked his mother if she can drop Greg there, but Susan said she can drop him off but somebody else's parents were gonna pick him up so he asked Rowley to come, Greg lost his contact lens so he had to wear his three-inches wide back-up glasses.

This upset Greg and Greg told her he was Greg Heffley, but by the time her friends came and took her, Greg also lost interest in her and went to the arcade and didn't move from there.

June It was the last day of school, Holly signed Greg's yearbook and said that he is OK and she will keep in touch with him, and she also wrote in Rowley's yearbook that he is cute and hoped for them to be friends one day, and as a result Greg thought it made his letter look lame.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw

It was Greg's only day of summer holiday or so he thought and he had to spend it at Seth's half-birthday, they also had live-music, Loded Diper wanted to get hired but they turned them down and they even had a clown making balloon objects for little kids.

Everybody ate lunch and then went to make the baby laugh, Greg was going to eat some cupcakes, his father stopped him and told him if he could find anyway to get him out of it, but Greg was letting him do it because he was planning on sending him to a military school. But he didn't wanted to see him acting stupid in front of many people, so he was going home, he spotted Manny fishing around Seth Snella 's presents and he found the one from the Heffleys and Manny found himself a blue knit blanket which he thought was another tingy, Greg was making him hand it over, but Manny threw it before Greg could take it and it landed on the branch of a tree.

Greg climbed the tree, but he was wearing Rodrick's trousers and they were too big for him and they went down and he yelled for help and Greg was also wearing his Wonder-Woman Underoos and Mr. Meanwhile, grade cards come out. Greg is not fast enough to get to the mailbox before his mother. She looks in horror at his report card to see that Greg is failing nearly every subject. Greg tells the reader that he is so tired from walking to and from school each day that he takes a long nap after school.

After dinner, there are great TV programs to watch. The next day Greg falls asleep in class and is sent to detention where a bully, named Leon, torments him. However, Greg seizes upon the chance to make it look as if Leon has smacked him on the back of the head, and Leon gets several more days of detention.

Meanwhile, when Greg returns home he learns that his mother has finally gone to the grocery store and restocked the snacks in the laundry room. Greg knows that it is just a matter of time before the real thief comes down to steal the snacks. Greg hides in some laundry in the hamper and waits. He falls asleep while waiting but is wakened by the sound of crinkling paper. When he springs out of the basket, he is shocked to see that the thief is his father.

Greg is less than thrilled. For most of the first games, Greg and two other players warm the seats. I suspect my students will soon be calling each other "Ploopy" just as they were all giving the "Cheese Touch. Don't know what a "Tingy" is? Well, I guess you'll have to pick up the book. View all 11 comments. Mar 01, Beth rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Reluctant readers, graphic novel lovers. The wimpy kid books never fail to make me laugh. Kinney has a great sense of comic timing in these books and the pictures really do make the story what it is.

What bothers me about these books is the main character's attitude and the way he treats others. I hope that kids see that the reason Greg gets himself into trouble all the time is because of his attitude.

Instead of looking up to him, it's my hope that kids who read this book say, "Man, if Greg just treated people with a little more respec The wimpy kid books never fail to make me laugh.

Instead of looking up to him, it's my hope that kids who read this book say, "Man, if Greg just treated people with a little more respect then maybe he wouldn't always get himself into these bad situations.

I don't think Greg's physique is wimpy; I think his character is. View all 19 comments. View 1 comment. May 10, Namratha rated it liked it Shelves: Every once in a while you need a break from wizard boys, sparkling vampires, conspiracy theories, go-nowhere love stories, end-of-the-world page turners and the never ending stream of parallel worlds.

Every once in a while you need to forget that you are a full-blown adult whose literary tastes are mature and discerning and who, to put it mildly is a bit up-yourself.

Every once in a while, you need to escape into the world of a Wimpy middle-school Kid who is high on smarts and low on luck. To achieve this admirable goal, he is intent on sending Greg off to a military academy.

Wimpy, who was looking forward to a summer of playing video-games and sleeping The Wimpy Kid series may be considered juvenile and trite. Sometimes you even snort with glee well, I did.

I say, regardless of your age View 2 comments. I read this one, with my nine-year-old brother. He is such a big fan of the series and i always enjoy reading by his side.

This series is a highly entertaining collection of books that offer much laugh, but notably not much, educationally speaking.

That is not such a big deal, if you know exactly why you are reading a book. There are not all of them about inspiration and highly profound meanings. Some plain, simple fun is well needed too, and those books will provide just that. Maybe if y 3,5 Stars. Maybe if you give it some thought, though, you might come to the conclussion and form a more complex idea, that those books are a rough guide of what not to do if you are a boy that age. Now that is highly pedagogic.

So i had a good time reading it, i chuckled and rolled my eyes in the stupidity that still torments Greg and it was all ok.. View all 5 comments. Jul 03, Archit Ojha rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you've enjoyed Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1, you should definitely follow the series because it keeps getting hilarious with each installment.

Greg Heffley continues with his hilarious journal. It seems that he has now become accustomed to writing it, because there are no gripes about that in this book. Or maybe it is because he has much more serious things to worry about Dad is determined to make a man out of Greg. Greg is quite happy to stay a wimp, playing with the latest video games and trying to impress the beautiful Holly Hills.

However, being the kind of person he is, Greg finds Greg Heffley continues with his hilarious journal. However, being the kind of person he is, Greg finds it difficult to attack the problem outright.

The only method open to him is subterfuge. Two-thirds of the book recounts Greg's ineffectual attempts to get out of the soccer team and his equally ineffectual attempts to befriend Holly Hills.

He uses Rowley quite shamelessly whenever he feels it would give him an advantage: We cannot blame Greg for feeling that life is unfair to him.

Towards the last third, soccer moves to the backstage as military school moves into the limelight. Dad sees the wonders it has done for teenage troublemaker in the neighbourhood: Greg is in immediate danger of being sent to boot camp for his summer holidays. None of his stratagems, like joining the Boy Scouts, seems to have any effect in forestalling the inevitable However, fate takes a hand, and Greg escapes by a hair's breadth.

How that happens is narrated in his own inimitable way by Jeff Kinney, and is the highlight of the book. It is guaranteed to leave you in stitches. In this novel, we see Greg slowly forming a bond with his Dad, who we find is not very different from his son. It is quite possible that Greg will grow up to be just like his father. And for a change, the novel ends on a happy note, because Greg has run out of pages immediately after being befriended by the gorgeous Trista, the new girl in the neighbourhood.

And we are also happy, because despite all his cowardly traits, Greg Heffley is a lovable kid.

As humorous and warm as the first two books: Aug 06, George Jankovic rated it it was amazing. Greg, the main character of this incredibly funny series, is a middle schooler whose universe revolves around him. He was quite selfish in the first two books. But that was nothing. Greg is reaching the pinnacle of selfishness in this book. He always has an idea how to benefit himself even if it hurts someone else inclusing his best friend or family members.

But there still is karma in the world Greg doesn't know about it. This might be the funniest book in the series so far.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw Summary & Study Guide

Loved it! Apr 05, Kevin Xu rated it it was ok. This was my first trip into this series, I think this book was clever being the first of its kind, but I think overall this book has a lot of problems. For example, the biggest I have with this book is that is gives more reasons for kids today to not read a real book, a chapter book with no pictures. Second the main character, Greg, I like the kid who plays him in the movie, but in the book I find him to a self centered, self fish, most of all lazy kid who takes advantage of his best friend, Row This was my first trip into this series, I think this book was clever being the first of its kind, but I think overall this book has a lot of problems.

Second the main character, Greg, I like the kid who plays him in the movie, but in the book I find him to a self centered, self fish, most of all lazy kid who takes advantage of his best friend, Rowley just because he is a little slow.

It reminds me of two friends I knew in high school.

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