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Lector a new open-source Qt-based ebook app for Linux desktops. It supports most common DRM-free ebook files, including EPUB, MOBI, and AZW, as well as comic book files in the CBZ or CBR format. Lector is a Qt eBook Reader for Linux Desktops. Brief: In this article, we are covering some of the best ebook readers for Linux. These ebook readers are best suited for pdf, epubs and other ebook formats. FBReader is an open source, lightweight, multi-platform ebook reader supporting various formats like ePub, fb2, mobi, rtf. There is an amazing piece of software called Calibre. I linked an article talking about its features it nice and useful! To install it click the icon.

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Valgmuligheder er:cybookg3, cybook_opus, default, hanlinv3, hanlinv5, illiad, You can create an e-book from a builtin recipe like this: ebook-convert "Recipe. Whenever you pass arguments to ebook-meta that have spaces in them, Om uspesifisert, og forfatteren(e) er spesifisert, vil strengen bli autogenerert fra. Bookworm is a simple ebook reader with a very sleek and modern user interface. It supports all sort of modern file format like pdf, epub, mobi etc.

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20 Recommended Free Ebook Download Sites for Ubuntu Users

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Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Compra verificada. I teach high school Computer Science in a Linux Lab--something pretty rare in education today. My students use the terminal, learn Bash, and help me on several development teams. When students ask me how to learn the Unix terminal, this is my top choice for them to try out. What makes me like this book so much and the 2nd edition is just as great as the 1st edition was , is how the author nicely introduces many command line utilities that do not come standard on most Linux installations--including Ubuntu.

He finds the right tools for the job and gives MANY examples of running the commands and the output they return. I have many other "Learn the Command Line" books aimed at Linux users, but this one has the highest density of actually useful content. I have both editions of this reference book.

I liked the first edition very much and bought the second edition as well to be sure I had not missed any corrections or additions. While I have not compared the two editions to see what changed, I am, nevertheless, glad I added the second to my collection.

This Qt eBook App for Linux is a Real Page Turner

This is not a work to be read from front to back as a novel, it makes a great random-browse book as well as a problem solving book when confronted with a specific need for information on the Ubuntu OS or related matters. So many works seem to be a mixture of fluff and hype, it is a real pleasure to sit down with a book that is quietly competent.

This is a great question-answering reference and useful source not only for "How-to", but also "What options do I have", and it does its job with clarity and clear explanations where such are appropriate. I had some question when I ordered the second edition as to whether I would be wasting my money, already having the first edition on hand.

Now, I am glad I did, indeed, download the second edition I am a "happy camper"! This is a nice desktop reference for refreshing your memory about various Linux commands without having to resort to MAN files. The book's indexing system could be better, and sometimes topics appear in unexpected places; but it's still a helpful guide for those commands you use infrequently. Once or twice I've had to read the MAN files or search online because the book's examples were too brief.

Unix based operating systems are more restrictive about file permissions, everything is a file, and many features are command-line only. It takes time for Windows desktop users to get used to the Unix way of doing things, although Windows Server administrators will likely adjust faster.

I have a new Debian project for a MMI on a beer bottling machine and thought this would be a helpful reference.

Ubuntu for desktops

It certainly is and I've already put it to good use. It is a reference so don't expect to start on page 1 and bore through it all.

I bought a "Used, Acceptable copy" and it is just that. It would have looked pretty used after a few days with me anyway.

7 Best eBook Readers for Linux

So, I'm happy with the download. My only drawback is that it is printed in a very tiny font and I find myself reaching for my strong readers especially on the plant floor which has rather dim light. I'm giving it 5 stars because it deserves it and the fine print wouldn't even be a problem with young folks.

Maybe I should really retire after this project?