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    Selección y lectura de textos griegos clásicos por Alfonso Gómez-Lobo ( subtitulado). "Discurso fúnebre de Pericles" de Tucídides, Siglo V a.C. File:Discurso funebre heipretotarli.cf Español: Discurso fúnebra de Pericles. Français: Oraison funèbre de Périclès. Ελληνικά: Ο Περικλής. Only approved users post in this community. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. get reddit.

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    Discurso Funebre De Pericles Pdf

    DISCURSO FUNEBRE DE PERICLESTucidides, Guerra del Peloponeso II, 35, 46 [35] Οἱ μὲν πολλοὶ τῶν Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Margarita de Gonzalez. Discurso funebre de heipretotarli.cf Cargado por. Margarita de Gonzalez. Los sueños mágicos de Bartolo - Mauricio heipretotarli.cf Cargado. Discurso fúnebre de Pericles - IES Dionisio Aguado. heipretotarli.cf Views . Discursos leidos ante la Real Academia de la História [por Arengas de.

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    Thus, choosing to die resisting, rather than to live submitting, they fled only from dishonour With the linkage of Athens' greatness complete, Pericles moves to addressing his audience.

    Praise for the military of Athens[ edit ] In his speech, Pericles states that he had been emphasising the greatness of Athens in order to convey that the citizens of Athens must continue to support the war, to show them that what they were fighting for was of the utmost importance. To help make his point he stated that the soldiers whom he was speaking of gave their lives to a cause to protect the city of Athens, its citizens, and its freedom.

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    Where citizens boast a freedom that differs from their enemies' the Lacedaemonians. That if anyone should ask, they should look at their final moments when they gave their lives to their country and that should leave no doubt in the mind of the doubtful.

    That the soldiers put aside their desires and wishes for the greater cause. Because as they are described by Pericles, Athenian citizens were distinct from the citizens of other nations — they were open minded, tolerant, and ready to understand and follow orders.

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    Where their system of democracy allowed them to have a voice amongst those who made important decisions that would affect them. Therefore, he proceeds to point out that the greatest honour and act of valour in Athens is to live and die for freedom of the state Pericles believed was different and more special than any other neighbouring city.

    You, their survivors, must determine to have as unfaltering a resolution in the field, though you may pray that it may have a happier outcome. The audience is then dismissed. Language and translations[ edit ] Thucydides' Greek is notoriously difficult, but the language of Pericles Funeral Oration is considered by many to be the most difficult and virtuosic passage in the History of the Peloponnesian War.

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    The style is deliberately elaborate, in accord with the stylistic preference associated with the sophists. There are several different English translations of the speech available.

    Peter Aston wrote a choral version, So they gave their bodies, [22] published in Please help improve it by rewriting it in a balanced fashion that contextualizes different points of view.

    The worst battle the French had to fight, however, was an outbreak of Bubonic plague. The expedition was designed to ensure an enduring French presence along the banks of the Nile,1,3 and Arab-speaking savants and printers spread French culture throughout Egypt by printing bilingual books the Arabic characters had been recovered from the presses of the Vatican.

    French scientists and doctors reported that health care organization in Egypt was woeful, with people in thrall to charlatans and ignorant barber-surgeons.

    Recent historical studies though tend to belie these peremptory assertions by late 18th- century Westerners. In Egypt, the doctor was a learned man who studied the great medical texts of the ancient world and of the Arab tradition, as well as astronomy, physics, and botany. The training and studies for the diploma of doctor were, it is true, more theoretical than those required of French doctors, who had already turned to clinical anatomy following the wide-ranging reforms of medical teaching implemented in Revolutionary France.

    Discurso fúnebre de Pericles - IES Dionisio Aguado

    Medical practice, though, was the work of Egyptian artisans whose training was more rudimentary, but whose deftness was often recognized, notably in the case of oculists. Alongside this decentralized medical organization, healers, exorcists, and magicians were tolerated because of their substantial contribution to the healing of patients.

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    About a month later, he fled. Rex Warner Harmondsworth, Penguin, What I would prefer is that you should fix your eyes every day on the greatness of Athens as she really is, and that you should fall in love with her.